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Campus Elite Ja. Digital College Community

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The Campus Elite College Community (CECC) is the latest digital marketing innovation from Campus Elite Jamaica. The Campus Elite College Community is an online platform which allows university students in Jamaica to seamlessly interact with each other and with corporate entities around unique collegiate experiences and opportunities. CECC is Jamaica's only digital cross-institutional online community for ANY University student in Jamaica. The Campus Elite College Community allows you to instantly digitally reach, engage and convert students from any the following universities and colleges in Jamaica;

  • The University of the West Indies 

  • The University of Technology 

  • Mico University

  • Northern Caribbean University (NCU)

  • University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (NCC) 

  • Caribbean Maritime University 

  • Edna Manley College

  • CASE 

  • Various Teachers Colleges.


The Campus Elite College Community is a GAME CHANGER and a true triple threat  of engagement marketing, allowing companies and brands to REACH, ENGAGE and CONVERT university students from anywhere in Jamaica. Learn More about the CE College Community Innovation here  

Campus Elite
College Community  

High tech digital platform to reach engage and convert all university students from any university campus in Jamaica
Full E-commerce Platform for complete funnel conversion 
Revolutionary new collegiate rewards and points system CEPoints
Campus Elite Jamaica has been trusted by many of Jamaica's best brands
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