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Getting Started


College Community 



Network & Fun

Welcome and thank you for joining the Campus Elite College Community! Use this page as guide to help you to learn about the community features and how you can get the most out of your university experience online. 

How -to Guide

Network with students from all Universities

Campus Elite College Community is the only platform that allows you to meet and interact with university students across Jamaica.


Get verified to get Hired

To get eligible to be hired you must create a profile on the Campus Elite Opportunity Network a.k.a Campus Elite Network and get your profile verified. After verification you will get your Campus Elite ID (CEID)...


Apply for Varsity

The coolest most exclusive club at university. Varsity is a team of high capacity students learning everything needed to dominate the corporate world.


Engage with your Favorite Brands

A new world to excitement and engagement awaits with Campus Elite Brand Clubs. It's like fan clubs for your favorite brands

Find New Experiences with Event Clubs 

The possibilities of fun and entertainment are endless when you join the Campus Elite College Community 


Earn CE Points to get cool stuff

Coming October 2022

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