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Heller Ppr, you done know this is Josette aka Jossy and me is your One Stop Ticket Shop!!🔥🔥 Come buy from your one and only. Whine up yuh waist ova yah suh for your: • Socamoca.

• Dancehall Again.

• D'After Mas.

You done know di schweppes, no slide in my dm for info. Mi always ready fi serve up fi tickets dem. 💯 Mi ever ready ppr!!🤪🤪

I not going no small fete,🎶

let me extend my apology.🎶

Only big fete with big flag,🎶

going overhead like canopy.🎶

Text me at 876-471-9205 or dm me @therealrealjosettemiller45 for more info!


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